St. Martins Therme & Lodge
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St. Martins Therme & Lodge in Frauenkirchen sits in the UNESCO World Heritage Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park countryside. It offers an exclusive combination of wellness and rural experiences.

From the Lodge an expert St. Martins’ ranger will accompany you on an adventurous Seewinkel safari to see Grey cattle and water buffalo, countless species of wild birds and Przewalski’s wild horses. Build a reed canoe, discover nature at night with your own night sights, or from a horse-drawn carriage in summer. Total relaxation in the thermal spa is an interesting contrast. The rooms have clear views of the lovely scenery, some even have their own bathing jetty.

The St. Martins Therme summer island guarantees a fine summer, as the feeling of wellbeing induced by the thermal spa water is transformed into the sun, sea and sand summer feeling you will get at the Lodge’s own bathing lake. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, then you can return to the hot springs for more luxurious relaxation. The extensive beach provides comfortable loungers for relaxing, whilst sun worshippers and swimmers can slake their thirst and assuage their hunger with refreshing drinks and delicious barbecued food from the exclusive beach bar.

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