Boots have traditionally been made in Rechnitz for centuries. For a long time, life in the picturesque municipality on the south slope of the Günser Gebirge has centred around boots, also known as “Čizma” in Croat or “Csizma” in Hungarian. Until the Second World War, Rechnitz was the centre of the bootmakers’ art, in 1923 alone there were 36 master bootmakers here. Today this esteemed craft has been virtually forgotten, which is why it was all the more important to Rechnitz that this valuable cultural inheritance be preserved for future generations. Austria’s only “Bootmakers’ Museum” has therefore been housed in Rechnitz’s greatly enlarged parish office.


Visitors are introduced to an interesting world from a bygone era. They gain an insight into the bootmaker’s life and traditions. Discover a fully equipped shoemaker’s workshop - a real gem among traditional trades. You can marvel at the old tools, a market stall, market and guild chests, sewing machines, fulling machines and many other interesting exhibits. The display boards reveal lots of useful information about the region and its history.


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