B10 Lake Neusiedl Cyclepath

There is plenty to discover on your way around Lake Neusiedl. The B10 with its numerous short-cuts and stop-offs is both an excellent family tour and a challenge for cycling enthusiasts. Advanced cyclists will complete the route in a day. Families, on the other hand, like to shorten or "reward" themselves for their tour with a boat trip between Illmitz and Mörbisch am See at the end. Alternatively, you could plan to comfortably complete the tour in two days. Pay attention to the wind conditions, as cycling against even a slight breeze can become tiring over time. Decide whether you will be going clockwise or anti-clockwise around the lake according to the wind direction. This classic cycle path leads you through dreamy landscapes, to culinary delights and cultural highlights. And you will cross a border. The paths are paved and sometimes gravelled throughout, thus suitable for touring and mountain bikes alike. Racing bikes will have no problems either as the non-asphalt parts are short and the gravel is fine. Do not forget to take regular stops, and not just to rest. Whether you refuel in one of the numerous taverns or "graze" on the plentiful cultural offerings along the way, indulgence is a key part of this route. The lake is always worth a break, as each of the many bathing areas has its own charm. If you decide to do the entire tour you will (rather unspectacularly) pass across the border to Hungary. This is an EU internal border, but you should still have your passport with you. There are only small differences to the Austrian part of the cycle path, such as the signposting. The previously green signs are now blue, but the information remains equally clear. The Hungarian paths are freshly paved in places and the stage between Balf and Fertörákos is brand new, leading through vineyards with fantastic views across the reed belt to Lake Neusiedl. The only disadvantage: some parts are very steep in places (in compartison to Burgenland!) and can thus be challenging, particularly in summer.

NOTE: Hi-viz clothing must be worn in Hungary at dusk, when it is dark or in poor visibility!

Tour Details

  • Route: 125 km
  • Duration: 10 h
  • Ascent: 182 m
  • Descent: 182 m
  • Difficult Level: mittel
  • Kondition: 4
  • Technique: 1
  • Attitude: 111 - 174 m


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