Body, mind and all the senses enjoy the healing power of natural Pannonian remedies. Health and fitness should be inseparable. Thermenwelt Burgenland offers both. Surrender yourself to the gentle hands of our medical wellness experts. Stay fit. Improve your overall health.


The Thermenwelt programme includes prevention, alleviation and healing. Natural remedies such as mud, thermal spa water and carbonated mineral water, Pannonian healing chalk and wine products have a long-term effect. In Burgenland these natural remedies are effectively used in treatments and as preventatives, in conjunction with state-of-the-art, scientifically proven knowledge. This is a highly promising combination for circulatory diseases, muscular and joint problems, chronic pain and exhaustion, for anti-ageing and burnout prevention.


First-class medical expertise and personalised care are the order of the day. Extensive pools relax you, exclusive sauna complexes warm body and soul. The hotels’ own fitness centres and the comprehensive range of leisure activities, from golfing to Nordic walking, form an active counterpoint to the wide range of ways to relax.

The holistic beauty, cosmetic and massage treatments will show you that beauty comes from within. The personal touch is essential. This is also reflected in the choice of rooms, from airy romantic love nests to designer suites.


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