Central Burgenland is protected by three ranges that are foothills of the central Alps - the Ödenburger Gebirge, the Landseer Bergland and the Günser Gebirge with the Geschriebenstein (884 m), Burgenland’s highest peak. Central Burgenland spelt is mainly cultivated on the slopes. Around 50 organic famers cultivate 250 hectares of spelt, which is processed in the local Schedl Mill and then sold throughout Austria in the form of flakes, flour, meal and other products, which are marketed through the trading company Pinczker in Unterkohlstätten.

Dinkel has been established in the Alemannic region since 3000 B.C. and until very recently has been an important grain in the production of bread. Products made from spelt, such as spelt bread, special baked goods, noodles and pasta, cake and spelt beer have a specific flavour. 

The people of central Burgenland like to offer their guests spelt and herb bread or spelt Swiss rolls.

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