The low hills of central Burgenland are covered in walnut and chestnut trees.
Protected by the Ödenburger Gebirge to the north, the Bucklige Welt to the west and the Günser Bergland to the south, they feel the full benefit of the warm Pannonian climate in which walnuts and chestnuts flourish.
In the past the highlight of every party or celebration was a nut cake or strudel. Walnut trees were a real treasure and were an essential part of any garden, on the margins of farmland or in vineyards. Harvesting the fruits by beating the trees to collect them and then hulling them is labour-intensive work that only makes the nuts even more valuable.

There are bakeries, cake shops and wine taverns in the villages of Stoob, Raiding, Horitschon, Nikitsch, Großwarasdorf, Frankenau-Unterpullendorf, Lutzmannsburg and Oberpullendorf that sell walnut and chestnut specialities. 

A walk through centuries-old chestnut groves or alleys of walnut trees, the autumn chestnut festivals and special cookery courses are also a real pleasure.

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