The village of Wiesen is part of the Rosalia region, in the most northerly part of Burgenland’s thermal spa country. Situated on the east slope of the Rosaliengebirge, the gentle hills and the mild climate are perfect for strawberry growing.
Wiesen pineapple strawberries, the “king of berries” were planted for the first time in Wiesen in 1870. In 1992 a government strawberry research centre was established in the centre of the village. Crossing of two wild varieties produced the pineapple strawberry.

Nowadays the main varieties cultivated are Dasileg, Cery and Valetta, which are sold throughout Austria. The popular fruit with the delicate flavour that is extremely good for your health because of its high vitamin and mineral content is enjoyed both fresh and processed (e.g. juice or jam).
The annual pineapple festival, with a church service and crowning of the pineapple king, has become a tradition in Wiesen. Why not visit and see for yourself! 

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