A speciality food-producing area has developed in south Burgenland, between the villages of Heugraben, Eisenhüttl and Rohr, around the Auwiesen Zickenbachtal nature reserve. The cuisine focuses on “Zickental moorland ox”.

Galloway and Aberdeen Angus cattle graze the margins and help to sustainably protect the Pannonian area’s biggest tract of low moorland. The moorland ox matures between the ages of 4 and 6 months on the unfertilised fields surrounding the moor. They have to be 24 months old before they are mature enough to eat.º

The animals eat nothing but rich grass and perfumed hay from the unspoiled pastures and spend all year round outdoors. The fact they mature naturally and for longer produces finer-grained meat. The flavour is enhanced by herbs and rare plants and the delicate pure white marbling of fat makes the roast meat especially juicy. 

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