Cultural heritage
Where tradition comes alive

Who or what is the Csizmenmacher of Rechnitz? What is so special about Rust Ausbruch? How do you speak Hianzisch? All this is part of Burgenland’s identity and has been lived and preserved for generations. It is what Burgenlanders call their traditions, their home, values, identity or their cultural inheritance. “Csizma” is the Hungarian word for “boot” and Rechnitz was once the centre for “csizmenmacher”, or bootmakers. The last of them is Mr Julius Koch. Rust Ausbruch is a sweet wine; “Hiaz!” is what Burgenlanders say when they mean “jetzt!” in German, which is “now!” in English.

2011, the 90th anniversary of Austria’s newest Federal state, was an opportunity to track down Burgenland traditions. It was a cultural journey, from the capital to the smallest hamlet, into the homes and workshops of Burgenlanders, in front of its stages and through its fields, to discover Burgenland’s cultural diversity.

You can take a virtual journey through this treasure trove of culture at But for you will, of course, encounter this heritage at every turn in Burgenland itself.


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