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A walk through two integral nature reserves

The landscape is unique and varied: reedy ponds, meadows, dry grasslands, orchards and long hedges - framed by forests. All this is interspersed with fields and the typical vineyards. There is plenty to discover in the Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park, which covers a total of over 7,500 hectares.

After a short audiovisual introduction in the show orchard, the hike leads to the Rohrbacher Kogel nature reserve. Over the Kogelberg (388 m) it goes down to the nature and landscape reserve Teichwiesen. Via a beautiful viewing platform it goes back to the show orchard.

Date: Anytime by appointment
Duration: 3h
Costs: Adults € 7,50 / Children from 10 years € 3,50 / Groups from 10 persons reduced
Participants: min. 8, max. 16 persons
Meeting point: show orchard, Rohrbach
Info & registration: Alfred Reismülle - Contract:,