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Ungerberg - Bruckneudorf


mainly clear

12° / 24°

3 %
Wind speed
20 km/h
  • Sundayclear

    10° / 23°

  • Mondayclear

    11° / 25°

  • Tuesdayclear

    12° / 26°

The bunker "Ungerberg 3" was built in 1959/60 as one of the first installations of a wide barrage. During the Cold War, this fortification line, also known as Schleinzerwall, was considered a bulwark and first line of defence against attacks from the east. About 50 men crew were equipped here with Centurion tank turrets, a field howitzer, a MG dome and an observer dome, among other things. This unique relic of the Cold War is preserved by the Army History Museum in its original state and is accessible to posterity as a memorial.

Closed until further notice due to technical renovations.