Customs and crafts in Burgenland

If you want to get to know the people as well as the countryside during your stay in Burgenland, then it’s a good idea to visit one of the numerous church festivals or traditional folk festivals celebrated in Burgenland throughout the year.

From a Shrovetide procession with “Blochziehen”, or log pull, to Martinmas celebrations with blessing of the new wine and goose roast. Regardless of whether it’s a mill blessing ceremony, harvest festival, Christmas market or corn cob festival, Pannonian Sautanz (party to celebrate the annual butchering of pigs), or Neckenmarkt flag throwing - music, food, a great atmosphere and ancient traditions are always involved.


Even if many customs are being slowly forgotten, somewhere in Burgenland they continue to secretly flourish. One example is Fogadók, the Unterwart Shrovetide, or Fasching, custom, during which musicians go from house to house collecting eggs.Another is the Dreitanz, at which Oberpullendorf’s three folk groups celebrate together. Traditional Pannonian crafts, such as indigo dyeing and boot making (csizmen), basket weaving and reed cutting, have survived the changing times.

The state’s folk and open-air museums, such as Mönchhof Museum Village or the group of open-air museums at Gerersdorf, help you to experience life as it was lived in the olden days. Why not go on a voyage of discovery...?


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