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Exceptional sights

Exceptional sights

There are plenty of surprises in Burgenland, both big and small

Besides well-known tourist highlights such as the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park or the Roman quarry in St. Margarethen, Burgenland is full of extraordinary sights that you would never have expected to come across or had long forgotten.

Historical highlights such as the Bridge at Andau on the Austrian-Hungarian border, which enabled tens of thousands of people to flee after the Hungarian uprising was suppressed, are always worth a trip. The Schandorf Forest has been guarding a huge treasure since around 750 BC: A collection of 285 up to 16-meter-high and 40-meter-wide giant burial mounds from the Hallstatt era. You can also find barrows around Jois or Zagersdorf.

Things are much more lively in and around the orangery in Eisenstadt: Long ago, in the 18th and 19th century, lavish celebrations took place there. Today, it is one of the largest and most modern greenhouse complexes in Austria alongside Schönbrunn and mainly serves as an event and wedding location. A sea of flowers can be admired there in spring and summer. One of the seven windmills in Seewinkel has remained completely preserved to this day: The windmill in Podersdorf am See is open to the public and brings to life the history of technology in this region. Throughout Burgenland, treasures and gems like these are just waiting to be discovered by you. The best tips on what to discover and where can be found here.

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