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Culinary experiences

Experience worlds

Enjoyment involving all the senses

There is fun for everyone in Burgenland. Because there is always an adventure, a discovery, something exciting, something seductive or enjoyable waiting around the next corner.

We will introduce you to some very different destinations where you can experience plenty about wine, cuisine and the delicious sunny side of life in Burgenland. 

Discover the variety of offers at the click of a mouse and choose what you are looking for. Wander through seemingly endless orchards and taste your way through the range of juices, liqueurs or other delicacies. In the Schärf Coffee World, coffee lovers can learn everything about the fine bean and can put their taste buds to the test with the numerous roasts. Wine adventure worlds present the finest wines from Burgenland, a true feast for all the senses! Some of the worlds of experience are also particularly good for group visits. Unforgettable moments of pleasure shared – what could be nicer?

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