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The perfect 4-day spa break

The perfect 4-day spa break

Ideal for between times

The Burgenland region offers ideal conditions to get the most out health benefits, even on a short stay. Here’s how to put together a wonderful package for yourself in just four days.

Planning: Look for four consecutive days in your diary that you can take off. This could be around a weekend or a public holiday – make sure that you have a full four days at your disposal. Look for a spa offer in Burgenland that suits you and plan three overnight stays.

  • Day One: Getting There

    Take enough time to come to Burgenland comfortably. Don’t rush – start your short vacation on the way. Once you have reached your destination, do exactly nothing for at least half an hour! And when you have done that, try to stay in a lower gear than usual. Explore your surroundings in a leisurely stroll and enjoy a delicious meal according to what you like best. You shouldn’t take on more than that for your first day.

  • Day 2: Into the thermal fun

    Explore the world of wellbeing and relaxation in the thermal landscape and plan in some action: Cycling, Nordic walking, tennis, golf or another sport. Have a really good workout. And depending on your needs, you can then head back to the thermal bath for a sauna or another relaxation offer.

  • Day three: Letting go

    On day three, devote yourself to pure relaxation. At a thermal bath or in the surroundings. Everything can be celebrated slowly, an additional beauty or pampering program will contribute even more wellbeing. Be lazy and enjoy. You can also enjoy culinary delights.

  • Day four: Back home

    An extensive breakfast in all comfort rounds off your stay. Then make your leisurely way home without any time pressure and, if possible, visit one of the interesting sights of Burgenland on your way. When you get home, review the pleasant hours you have just spent and discover how wonderfully relaxing four days can be.

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