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Free corona cancellation insurance

Free Vacation Cancellation

Insurance instead of uncertainty

Whether with the family or as a romantic couple, by Lake Neusiedl or in the idyllic wine region, a feel-good package at the thermal baths or outdoor activities in unspoiled nature: Burgenland is always worth a visit. And what people are really longing for right now: Security and great vacation experiences away from the hustle and bustle, and overcrowded places. Burgenland is the perfect safe haven.

In turbulent times like these, Burgenland can do better. In cooperation with “Allianz Travel”, Burgenland Tourismus GmbH is offering free Covid-19 insurance. Anyone booking a vacation in Burgenland between October 14 and April 30 can look forward to it, safe in the knowledge that there is financial support in place if the trip has to be cancelled suddenly or unexpectedly due to Covid-19. Regardless of whether the vacation has already been planned or is still in the planning stage: “Corona coverage” is automatically included and guarantees free cancellation. In the event of a coronavirus infection, a period of quarantine imposed by the authorities shortly before the start of the trip, or if the guest is infected at the vacation destination, the costs incurred will be covered. Uncomplicated, fast and without any bureaucracy.

Wouldn’t you agree that makes it a whole lot easier to book?

Frequently asked questions

In cooperation with Allianz Partners, Burgenland Tourismus GmbH offers all guests in Burgenland during the winter season cancellation and travel interruption insurance in the event of Covid-19 disease or official quarantine due to suspected Covid-19 disease.

This service is available to all guests free of charge and automatically upon booking.

Stand 03.11.2020

  • When does the insurance apply?

    The insurance is valid from October 14th, 2020, which is the key date of the start of the trip. This means that all bookings made beforehand are also covered by the insurance, provided that the start of the journey takes place on October 14, 2020.

  • How is the insurance period regulated?

    Cancellation protection:

    The insurance cover begins with the booking of the vacation and ends with the start of the journey (from October 14th, 2020), at the latest April 30th, 2021.

    Trip interruption:

    The insurance cover begins with the start of the trip (from October 14th, 2020) and ends with the end of the trip or the interruption of the trip (30 April 2021 at the latest - applies to the end of the trip and the interruption of the trip).

  • What does the insurance cover?
    • The sudden, unexpected illness of the insured person from Covid-19
    • The officially prescribed quarantine on suspicion of infection of the insured person with Covid-19
  • What is not insured?
    • Preventive official measures such as lockdown / quarantine of an entire region or place
    • Travel warnings issued by the home country of the insured person for Burgenland
    • Self-imposed quarantine / self-isolation
  • What do I need if I want to file a claim?
    • Booking confirmation
    • Cancellation invoice for accommodation
    • Separation notice or current positive Covid-19 test
  • I have Covid-19 and I will only arrive in 2 months. Can I still cancel?

    If you still have an officially imposed quarantine notification on the day of arrival, you can still cancel.

    However, since it can be assumed that you will be completely healthy again by the time you arrive even if the disease is more severe, this case is not covered.

  • I will test positive 2 weeks before departure or have to be in quarantine (K1 person). Should I cancel immediately, because then there will be fewer cancellation costs, or should I wait to see how the possible illness goes? Maybe I don't have any symptoms at all.

    Basically, people who tested positive must cancel or leave immediately. If you wait and then you cannot, what is not covered counts as waiting.

  • I have Covid-19. Our family vacation is imminent. Does my wife have to go on vacation with the children anyway?

    No, as your family is considered a K1 person, the insurance cover also includes the family.

  • How do I generally have to pay attention to myself in the event of a claim?

    General behavior in the event of a claim :

    • In addition to the general obligations listed below, there are special obligations in the respective categories (cancellation or termination).

    The insured person is obliged:

    • to keep the damage as low as possible and avoid unnecessary costs.
    • to report the damage directly to the insurer and to follow his instructions.
    • truthfully present and prove the loss event and the extent of the loss.
    • The insured must provide all relevant information and submit original invoices and receipts. If necessary, doctors and / or hospitals as well as social insurers and the authorities involved are to be authorized and arranged to provide the requested information and to allow the insurer to examine the cause and amount of the asserted claim.
    • To ensure damage claims against third parties in due form and in due time and, if necessary, to assign them to the insurer up to the amount of the compensation paid.
    • Immediately report any damage caused by criminal acts to the responsible security service with a precise description of the facts and the extent of the damage, and have the report certified.
    • To hand over original evidence such as doctor and hospital reports, etc. to the insurer.
    • The above-mentioned obligations or the obligations listed in the respective sectors are obligations within the meaning of the VersVG. The freedom to perform in the event of a breach of obligations does not apply if the breach is not based on intent or gross negligence.
    • If the obligation is not breached with the intention of influencing the insurer's obligation to provide benefits or to impair the determination of circumstances that are recognizable to be significant for the insurer's obligation to provide benefits, the insurer shall remain obliged to provide payment, provided that the breach is not related to the determination of the insured event still had an influence on the determination or the scope of the service incumbent on the insurer.
  • In addition to the general obligations, how do I have to pay attention to a cancellation? What am I obliged to do?
    • After the start of an insured event based on health causes, the booking office (e.g. travel agency, hotel) and the insurer  must be notified in writing within 48 hours or 2 working days in order to enable the insurer to call in a medical examiner to assess the damage.
    • The following documents must be sent to the insurer:
      • fully completed claim form
      • Travel booking confirmation
      • Cancellation invoice including cancellation scale overview
      • Official / medical confirmation of the disease from Covid-19
      • official quarantine notice
  • In addition to the general obligations, how do I have to pay attention to a termination? What am I obliged to do?
    • Without immediate notification of the 24-hour emergency call center, there is no entitlement to benefits.
    • The following documents must be sent to the insurer:
      • Travel booking confirmation
      • Confirmation of the accommodation company / tour guide about the interruption of the trip
      • Confirmation from the accommodation provider / tour operator about non-refundable travel services
      • Official / medical confirmation of the disease from Covid-19
      • official quarantine notice
  • How and where do I submit a claim?

    Please submit your claim directly to Allianz Partners immediately after the insured event occurs. The cancellation costs must first be paid to the accommodation and will be reimbursed by Allianz Partners after a cover check.

    +43 1 525 03-6851

    Notice of claim

    More information:


  • I am being contacted by the health authorities because I may have been in contact with an infected person (e.g. same bar, same event attended). I should reduce my social contacts and possibly get tested. Is that enough to cancel my trip?

    No, this case is not covered. The mere assumption that the insured person may be infected through contact with a person who tested positive is not included in the coverage. The separation notice or positive corona test must be provided for positive claims adjustment.