The mighty enclosure is one of the most important symbols of Burgenland. Built in the early 14th century, Forchtenstein Castle survived the Turkish march on Vienna of 1529 unscathed and in 1622 came into the possession of the Counts Esterházy, who completely rebuilt the castle so that it looked as it does today.

The colourful frescoes in the inner courtyard are amongst the greatest north of the Alps. The castle is known as “the Esterházys’ treasury”, because it houses the valuable family heirlooms, such as the Baroque pieces from the treasury and collections of military booty.

Wedding celebrations at Forchtenstein Castle

The castle provides an exceptional setting for a fairy-tale wedding in a historic venue, with a stylish atmosphere and an impressive backdrop for photos.
The rich interior of Forchtenstein’s Baroque chapel is one of the loveliest in Austria. The lavishly stucco- and paint-decorated room has for generations been a popular venue for weddings. Previously it was only for the nobility, but today it welcomes all bridal couples. The wide choice of rooms can accommodate anything from a stylish champagne reception to a banquet.


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