Esterházy Palace is the symbol of Eisenstadt and Burgenland’s most important cultural monument. The palace’s splendid setting invites visitors to take a fascinating journey through the aristocratic family’s world. Esterházy Palace dates back to a fortified 13th century Gothic castle. The Esterházy family became its owners in 1649 and it was converted into a Baroque palace by Paul, the first Prince Esterházy, in the second half of the 17th century. For more than 300 years the palace was the noble family’s main residence and administrative centre.

The Esterházy family was one of the most influential and well-to-do noble families in the Habsburg empire. Its members were acknowledged patrons of science and the arts. The Prince’s court was particularly devoted to theatre and music.

For more than 40 years the composer Joseph Haydn was inspired by the Esterházy Palace’s special atmosphere to create exceptional music to accompany historic events. The Haydn Room, which is named after the composer, is still one of the world’s best - acoustically - and loveliest concert halls. The splendid rooms with their festive decorations vividly bring to life the palace’s Imperial past and life at the court of the Esterházys for young and old.

The palace in Eisenstadt is still a focal point for cultural activities and a brilliant setting for celebrations and social events. The Haydn Room forms the impressive backdrop to performances of chamber music, symphonies, oratorios and operas.

classic Esterházy

The public can enjoy culinary and musical delights at the picnic concerts. At the Pannonian Christmas gala audiences will hear contemplative, but thrilling sounds. The Esterházy String Quartet Festival will not only showcase the “El Sistema” quartet, but also the Dover Quartet, winners of the 11th Banff International String Competition.

Pannonian Christmas Gala

Thursday, 18 December, 19.30, Haydn Room

Wedding celebrations at Esterhazy Palace

Celebrate your wedding, from a civil ceremony, via a church service, to a celebratory blessing, in the incomparable atmosphere of Esterházy Palace. Crown your celebrations with a festive champagne reception in the Garden, Empire or Mirrored Rooms or, if the weather is nice, on the portico with a picturesque view of the palace grounds and the Leopoldine Temple.

The palace’s former stables immediately opposite house a restaurant which continues the great culinary tradition of the house of Esterházy. The Henrici gourmet restaurant provides suitable wedding catering. It can tailor a menu for up to 120 people to your individual requirements, whilst the cellar provides top-quality wines.

The Leopoldine Temple is ideally situated overlooking the lake in Esterházy Palace’s grounds. The enchanting structure has become one of the most popular venues for civil ceremonies. Stylish celebrations can be held in the historic Orangery in the grounds, just a few steps away from the Leopoldine Temple. 


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