Aschau Clock Museum, a museum for tower clocks and roasting spits, is the only one of its kind in Austria. The collection focuses on five hundred years of tower clocks and roasting spits, from 15th century Gothic to the Renaissance, and from the Baroque era to the early industrial revolution in the 19th century. The oldest tower clock dates from around 1470. Today the collection comprises 64 tower clocks and 18 roasting spits.

The forged iron or wooden cog mechanism show how clock technology, craftsmanship, shape and design developed, as well as their regional peculiarities. The history of clocks and the art of clock making is brought to life for visitors by the exhibits in the clock room, which are complemented by descriptions and posters.

The clocks are restored in the museum’s workshops, which can also be viewed. The museum’s work also includes documentation of and research into the history of tower clock technology and the art of clock making, and publication of its research.

A visit to the straw-thatched, listed farmer’s house at Aschau no. 49 is a special experience. The rooms, which have been preserved in original condition, combine with the antique tower clock mechanisms to form an interesting museum. With the display depot for unrestored tower clocks, a wooden campaign chest dating from 1765, the museum which was built in 1894 and the museum’s workshops, together the buildings form a mini museum village.


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