Illmitz National Park centre

Each season in the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park has its own special charm. There are interesting natural phenomena in the animal and plant worlds just waiting to be discovered.

The national park information centre is the first port of call for visitors with an interest in nature and is open all year round. Guided nature walks run from March to November. On one of the guided walks through the national park, nature lovers can, for example, spot the first migratory birds returning in spring, or observe the rare great bustard during its mating display.

Equipped with telescopes, tweezers and magnifying glasses, junior explorers set off for the ponds and livestock grazing fields to investigate water scorpions, shrimp, great egrets and much more on special excursions for children. The Illmitz information centre is the first port of call for hiking maps, plant descriptions, videos, posters, or guided exploratory hikes.


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