Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See

Breitenbrunn, carefully watched over by a 33-metre Turk tower, a symbol of the village, lies between the gently sloping Leithagebirge hills and lake Neusiedl. This has long been a good place to live, as proved by finds from around the time of Christ’s birth. The first settlers built their houses "breit um den Brunnen”, which means “widely around the spring”. Many of the old buildings still remain, so visitors to the village are transported back centuries. The village’s “liquid sunshine” is stored in the depths of the old earth cellars in the cellar quarter. The wine growers learnt from their ancestors how to mature good wine, and they continue this fine tradition to this day.

The main square, with the spring that gives the village its name, is located in the centre, on what was once the northern edge of the fortified village. The many repeat visitors prove that holidays in Breitenbrunn are very special. The beautiful countryside is an inviting place to cycle, swim, sail, surf, hike and much more. Breitenbrunn natural bathing lake, one of seven bathing lakes in the lake Neusiedl region, has a sandy beach and spacious sunbathing lawn, where the young and young-at-heart can enjoy a swim.


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