Burgauberg-Neudauberg is located at the start of the east Styrian hills. The lovely countryside and its gentle southern climate are appealing. The area is part of Austria’s biggest series of golf courses, with 50 holes and a total area of 190 hectares.

The villages of Burgauberg and Neudauberg originally developed from outliers of the Styrian villages of Burgau and Neudau which sprang up in the vineyards. Although wine growing disappeared completely following the phylloxera epidemic, it is making a comeback.

Uhudler is playing a major role, in addition to Welchriesling, Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt.

There are beautiful hiking trails and cycle paths for hikers and cyclists. Attractively furnished rooms and superb holiday apartments are a further inducement to visitors to return. Burgauberg-Neudauberg is worth a visit and - who knows - may become a favourite holiday destination!


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