The perfect little village of Apetlon, in Burgenland’s Seewinkel National Park, is a very special holiday destination. The national park village lies on the east bank of lake Neusiedl, surrounded by typical steppe country, “the Seewinkel puszta”. It’s the perfect destination for sports enthusiasts to swim, cycle and ride horses in the unique steppe countryside. Visitors can also experience the finer things in life with a gourmet take on traditional dishes and select wines from Apetlon’s top growers. Apetlon also has much to offer nature and animal lovers.

Apetlon is world-famous, though, for the Lange Lacke, an internationally significant resting place for birds.


It is now a major conservation area within the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. The celebrities of the bird world can be seen here in spring and during the summer months - avocets, spoonbills, herons, redshanks and ruffs. One of the most impressive experiences in the area, however, is the sight of long skeins of geese in autumn. The cries of the various types of geese create a memorable sound that visitors carry with them when they return home from Seewinkel.

Apetlon is rightly called the heart of the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park.


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