Deutsch Schützen - Eisenberg

The wine-growing village of Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg lies in the centre of the idyllic south Burgenland wine country, near the Hungarian border. The rounded hills are covered in vineyards and charming old wine cellars tempt you stop a while and sample the wines. The area around Eisenberg and Deutsch-Schützen has long been known to wine buffs.

This region produces minerally, powerful wines because of the iron-rich loamy soil. Consequently, the red wine in particular, primarily made from the Blaufränkisch grape, is unmistakeable. The region’s calling card, so to speak, is Eisenberg DAC wine. See what you think - try it direct from the producer or in a vinotheque. Forget the stress and hurly-burly of everyday life for a while.

Let your spirits soar as you hike or cycle. What about an e-bike tour? Treat your taste buds to regional specialities in an authentic old roadside tavern, a good inn, or a restaurant.

A new service we offer our guests for their uninterrupted enjoyment is a “taxi tour”. The tourist taxi is a cheap way for visitors to move from one taste sensation to the next.

The Weinblick - an ÖkoEnergieLand viewing platform in the middle of the vineyards - provides a unique view of the picturesque countryside. Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg is a very popular destination for holidays and excursions, especially where wine and food are concerned!


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