The market town of Draßmarkt lies in central Burgenland, surrounded by the gentle hills that form the foothills of the Alps. The districts of Oberrabnitz and Karl lie in the upper Rabnitz valley. It is the perfect place for hikers to relax in the peace and quiet of the beautiful scenery and wooded hills. For a change, why not take a cycle ride along the well-marked routes to the Bucklige Welt, or to the ruins of Landsee Castle? You can sample typical regional delicacies and some delightful wines at inns along the way.

Draßmarkt celebrates traditional customs throughout the year, from the colourful Shrovetide procession, via the music club, to theatre performances - there is a varied programme of events for visitors to enjoy. The annual HÄSchenTREFF at the end of July is a special event for young people, where thousands of youngsters from Austria and abroad come together. If you are more interested in history, why not visit Draßmarkt’s historic stocks, the tranquil village church, or ascend the carved Way of the Cross to the Pope’s Cross in Karl.


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