Purbach am Neusiedler See

The romantic wine-producing village is located on the sunny slopes of the Leithagebirge hills, on lake Neusiedl’s west bank. Enjoy a wonderful, relaxed holiday in the midst of stunning world cultural heritage countryside.

Every house and square in Purbach’s historic centre tells a tale of centuries of history - of the Turkish occupation and Hungarian revolution, of a wine-growing tradition and life in a rural village.

There are numerous restaurants and heuriger where you can explore the region’s culinary specialities and special wines.

Historic Purbach Kellergasse, a street lined with wine cellars, is famous for its roadside taverns. The dishes on offer include typical Burgenland delicacies such as bean strudel with cucumber salad, home-made brawn in vinegar and oil, a garnished taster platter, or onion-flavoured dripping and bread and dripping.


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