Every year the majestic white storks arrive on Rust’s roofs. Not only are they the most familiar bird in Burgenland, they also feature on the Free Town of Rust’s coat of arms. Rust is a medieval town and Burgenland’s architectural jewel.

Rust has had a town charter since 1681, the year in which it was elevated to a royal Hungarian town. Rust continues to radiate the charm and unique atmosphere of days gone by. Above all it is Rust’s architectural charms which make it such a treasure and magically attract visitors from near and far to Burgenland’s jewel. There is one must-see on a pleasant stroll through the listed Old Town - the Fisherman’s Church, a cultural and artistic jewel in Burgenland’s crown. It was part of the town’s defensive structures and is dedicated to Saints Pancras and Giles. The church houses Burgenland’s oldest, playable organ, dating from 1705, and fragments of important and rich medieval frescoes.

It is not only tourists who enjoy the free town’s picturesque buildings. Rust is prized as a film set by Austrian and international film makers. "Der Winzerkönig” is an Austrian television series about a family of wine producers, with Austrian household name Harald Krassnitzer in the leading role. You can still see the name "Gasthof Stickler" on the building which featured as the inn in the series. Take a vintage tractor tour of the TV sets, to get a feel for Rust’s pastoral charm. If you work up an appetite there is an extensive choice of food outlets to suit every taste, from “rustic” to “refined”.

Should you take a post-prandial stroll, you may be lucky enough to see one of the 15 pairs of storks which breed in Rust every year, before migrating to their winter quarters in the autumn. It’s hardly surprising that the birds make their homes here - the Storchenverein Rust is an association which protects their feeding grounds and ensures the birds are not disturbed. The citizens of Rust also help the storks to build their nests.


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