The charm of a long history meets a state capital’s modern outlook: Eisenstadt is much more than just the political centre of Burgenland. There is a lot to see between the pedestrianised zone, the palace park and the parliament building (Landhaus).

With 15,000 inhabitants, the Free City of Eisenstadt is Austria’s smallest state capital. It is also one of the most charming, stuffed full of highlights. If you fancy a journey through time, you will be enchanted by the Esterházy Palace’s splendour. It dates back to a fortified 13th century Gothic castle. For more than 40 years the composer Joseph Haydn was inspired by Esterházy Palace’s special atmosphere to create exceptional music to accompany historic events. The Haydn Room, named after the composer, is still one of the world’s best - acoustically - and loveliest concert halls.

The beauty of the palace grounds also waits to be discovered and this is best done at one of the many events held throughout the year, such as the picnic concerts, or on a walk.

In addition to Esterházy Palace, the state capital and administrative centre’s most important attractions are the Gloriette (the Esterházys’ former hunting lodge), Haydn’s House and Haydn’s church, which contains Haydn’s mausoleum and the Stations of the Cross. If you like shopping, Eisenstadt provides plenty of opportunity for that too. The best shops are located in the pedestrianised zone. The state capital has something to suit every taste. 


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