Oggau am Neusiedler See

Oggau is Austria’s oldest red wine-producing village. Blaufränkisch from Oggau is a secret known only to a select few. The warm climate and rich soil produce first-class grapes and Oggau’s winemakers know how to transform them into delicious wine.

The Oggau vine bower erected on the wine trail is the perfect place to take a break. Fanned by the breeze from the nearby lake, you can enjoy the superb view and soak up the peace and quiet. If you take a walk around the village, the rocky outcrop known as the Hölzelstein, which is visible from afar, invites you to pause a moment and admire the scenery, as do the various chapels, shrines and roadside crosses erected throughout the wine-growing area.

The camp site and its leisure facilities are well known to camping fans. The swimming pool, tennis courts and cycle paths are just as popular as Oggau’s marina. Oggau is dominated by the Baroque village church. At the end of a day’s hiking on the “Panorama-Wein-Wanderweg“, (Panoramic Wine Hiking Trail) or the “MOOST Weinerlebnisweg“ (MOOST Wine Experience Trail), you will be enticed by the culinary delights of Oggau’s guest houses and roadside taverns.

You can enjoy a pleasant holiday in style at Oggau’s cosy guest houses, comfortable B&Bs and rooms to let.


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