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Kindererlebniswelt & Vogelturm

Kindererlebniswelt & Vogelturm

Markt Neuhodis | Southern Burgenland

  • Kindererlebniswelt & Vogelturm
    Gemeindeamt Rechnitz
mainly clear

6° / 13°

3 %
Wind speed
23 km/h
  • Wednesday clear

    9° / 18°

  • Thursday mainly cloudy

    8° / 14°

  • Friday light rain

    4° / 10°

Children's adventure forest and bird world In lofty heights you move through the forest, enjoy the magnificent view and listen to the most diverse bird calls. With a distance of about 700m, a wooden tower, 22 meters high and with a diameter of 15 meters, extends in the middle of the forest. Inside the tower there are various species of birds that can be observed. The forest and bird world is also equipped with a labyrinth. The labyrinth is also barrier-free and is sure to be a hit for young and old. The path is designed in such a way that it can be used by blind people and wheelchair users. In lofty heights you should experience nature and take home unforgettable impressions of it. The goal is: - to get to know the bird life in our forests - the appreciation of nature - Getting to know the individual tree species The tower gives a home to birds for which there is no longer any chance of over-experience in the wild. With the support of the Veterinary University, the welfare of our animals is taken care of. If the fresh forest air makes them hungry, thirsty or tired, they are welcome in the "Stüberl" of the children's adventure forest and bird world, where snacks, lemonades and seasonal specialties are waiting for you!

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