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Naturpark Landseer Berge

Naturpark Landseer Berge

Markt St. Martin | Central Burgenland

The Landseer Berge Nature Park is located in the western part of sunny Central Burgenland and includes some parts of the adjoining Bucklige Welt region in Lower Austria.

  • Naturidylle
    Franz Kovacs | ARGE Naturparke
  • Der Pauliberg, jüngster Vulkan Österreichs
    Franz Kovacs | ARGE Naturparke
  • Burgruine Landsee
    Franz Kovacs | ARGE Naturparke
  • Aussichtsturm der Burgruine Landsee
  • Führung durch die Burgruine Landsee
    Franz Kovacs | ARGE Naturparke
  • Ruine Landsee im Herbst
  • Wildbach
    Franz Kovacs | ARGE Naturparke
  • Schloss Kobersdorf

The Landseer Berge Nature Park is a conservation area of roughly 6,500 hectares. The Landseer Berge Nature Park offers its visitors a varied cultural landscape, hiking trails, bicycle paths, horse riding paths and many attractions such as:
Landsee Castle Ruins, largest castle ruins in Central Europe, offers an open-air event stage and viewing platform
Celtic Festival and museum tower in Schwarzenbach
Kobersdorf Palace, offers palace plays, stand-up comedy and theatre
Kobersdorf Museum of Local History
Pauliberg, Austria’s youngest volcano, deposits of natural glass and natural ceramics
Nature Park Swimming Lakes in Kobersdorf and Markt St. Martin
Adventure Pool Kaisersdorf and many more.

Landsee Nature Park can be explored via many hiking trails such as the one from Judensteig to Landsee, the one to the Witches’ Rocks in Kaisersdorf, the tree and nature education trail Waldquelle, the ancient history hiking trail to the Schwarzenback open-air museum and many more.

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