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Burg Lockenhaus

Burg Lockenhaus

Lockenhaus | Central Burgenland

Imposing Lockenhaus Castle and its vibrant history are fascinating for both young and old. Embedded in the densely forested area of Geschriebenstein Nature Park, the castle and its surroundings make for an amazing day-trip destination and one of the most important landmarks of Central Burgenland!

  • Aufstieg zur Burg
    Burg Lockenhaus
  • Kinderwaffenkammer
    Burg Lockenhaus
  • Beindruckendes und faszinierendes Bollwerk
    Burg Lockenhaus
  • Luftaufnahme
    Ritterburg Lockenhaus
  • Liegt im Naturpark Geschriebenstein
    Burg Lockenhaus
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Imposing Lockenhaus Castle with its unique atmosphere, vibrant history and its location embedded in the breathtaking area of Geschriebenstein Nature Park, offers lots of active experiences, stories, relaxation and fun for both young and old.

Experience the castle’s history and get to know its early inhabitants – from the Knights Templar to the dreaded Blood Countess to one of the largest bat colonies in Central Europe. A current special exhibition has been dedicated to the latter, teaching entire families the fascinating lifestyle of bats.

Lockenhaus Castle offers interesting exhibitions and guided tours for the entire family. Embark on one and learn facts and fascinating details on the Knights Templar, the Blood Countess and bats.
• Knights Templar tour
• "From ruins to knights’ castle" tour
• Prof. Paul Anton Keller Museum
• Special "Friends of the night" bat exhibition
• Child-friendly armoury

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