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Markt Neuhodis | Southern Burgenland

  • Baumwipfelweg
    Naturpark Geschriebenstein
mainly clear

6° / 13°

3 %
Wind speed
23 km/h
  • Wednesday clear

    9° / 18°

  • Thursday mainly cloudy

    8° / 14°

  • Friday light rain

    4° / 10°

Tree top walk in Althodis - a walk with the birds! Several sensory stations were installed along the 500 meter long treetop path. As participatory stations, these provide information about the habitats of the woodpeckers, bats and ravens living here, as well as about useful and harmful tree inhabitants, such as the various species of tree lichens, tree mosses, tree ants and tree beetles. From hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling to seeing, the treetop path Althodis aims to sensitize its visitors to the interaction between man and nature. In accordance with this holistic approach, the entire treetop path has not only been designed barrier-free for wheelchair users and people with walking disabilities, but also all information and sensory stations for blind and visually impaired people have been didactically prepared. From the eleven observation towers, which are up to 20 meters high, visitors not only enjoy a wonderful panorama of the Rechnitz cultural landscape and the Geschriebenstein-Irottkö nature park, but also an unobstructed view as far as the Hungarian province of West-Transdanubia, which borders Lake Balaton in the east. In direct neighbourhood to the treetop path Althodis there is also the mushroom nature trail, which provides intensive information about the mushroom species native to the nature park and their living conditions.

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