Fruit Paradise is located in the tri-state Raab Nature Reserve, in the most southerly village in Burgenland. We combine nature, adventure, fun and learning.

Burgenland’s Cultivar Garden

There are currently 158 varieties of apple, 52 different pears, 34 cherries and other 24 types of stone fruit growing on 1.6 hectares in Burgenland’s cultivar garden. This makes the collection Austria’s biggest orchard for the preservation of cultivars. It is therefore of national importance, as well as being important to Burgenland. This orchard meadow is also part of the apple trail experience. The cultivar garden’s purpose is not only to preserve diversity, but also to convey knowledge about it.

We offer courses for adults on various topics. We organise an exciting school day with the Fruit Paradise mascot “Rudi” for children and school groups.

The Mostothek

The Mostothek is located in a 300-year old vaulted cellar. We value quality over quantity. Cider lovers can only sample gold medal-winning ciders here. We offer guided tastings with cider sommeliers in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. Our premium ciders are those that have been victorious in national or regional competitions.


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