s´Hofgassl im Weinwirtshaus Wlaschits
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The family Wlaschits attended to this 100 year old „Hofgassl“ with a lot of love. They made it to what it is now: a place to stay and linger.

The hotel welcomes you with natural shades and an interior furnishing made of ancient substances like wood, brick and reed.

The Weinwirtshaus offers 2 apartments called „Acika“ and „Joska“ which were created with loving care.

The apartment „Acika“ (50m2) offers 2 separate bedrooms, a small kitchen, a bath with a toilet, TV and Wifi.

The apartment „Joska" (33m2) is the smaller version. Up to 3 persons can enjoy their stay here.

For breakfast, you can enjoy the wide breakfast buffet at the inn.

„s´Hofgassl“, where the apartments are located, is perfectly designed to relax with a homemade glass of wine.

You can also relax at the terrace or at the Winzerstüberl. There you have the opportunity to refresh yourself with a tasty delicacy or with a cup of ice cream.

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