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Philharmonic Matinées 2024: Divinerinnen


In 2024, the Philharmonic Matinees will again take place at Kittsee Castle. The concerts always begin at 11.00 a.m. and are held in the Haberlandt Hall. In 1978, Rudolf Buchmann, a native of Kittsee, founded the concert series Pannonisches Forum Kittsee together with his friend Ladislaus Rausch and the physician and composer Matthias Kugler. Rudolf Buchmann was a musician himself, but decided against a career in music and founded an international concert agency instead. As artistic director of the Pannonian Forum, Buchmann has been able to engage renowned international artists for concerts in Kittsee.

On September 29, the "Divinerinnen" will play works by Neuwirth, Stippich, Johann Strauss and more.

Ticket prices:
Subscription (10 concerts): € 200,-
Single ticket adult: € 25,-

Ticket order:
Chairman Johann Frey: 02143 2113
Stefanie Tomaschitz: 0699 11769465

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