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  • Water sports with added sunshine
  • Water sports with added sunshine
In the water

Dive into the Burgenland water world

Activities on and around the water

As soon as the sun comes out, water sports enthusiasts and people seeking peace and quiet get out and about in the Burgenland water world. Whether you want to spend a lazy afternoon with a book in your hand or venture out on the water with a surfboard, anything is possible here.

Water lovers have it good in Burgenland, since there are a wide variety of sports on offer. Lake Neusiedl is not the only body of water to attract numerous water sports enthusiasts to its shores when spring begins: there are adventures to be had on and around the water all over the region. Would you like to try a new sport? Then head for Neufelder See, where you can get to know the underwater world at a diving school or take a canoe out on the Rába, where you can paddle in the midst of unspoiled nature.

The Burgenland water world also invites you to relax and replenish your energy. Large sunbathing lawns at the lakeside resorts and around the bathing lakes invite you to dream and you’ll soon lose track of time on the natural riverbeds. Relaxing with the gentle sound of water in the background, whether with the family at the lake or on your own in a secret corner, there is no better place to spend summer days.

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