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Diverse and unmistakeable: Burgenland's scenery

Burgenland fundamentally differs from the usual image of Austria. You will search in vain for mountains here; the landscape features wide plains, central Europe’s easternmost steppe lake, rolling hills, woodland, wetlands and vineyards as far as the eye can see.

There has long been a tradition of nature conservation in Burgenland. The cross-border Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park is a massive nature reserve. Its reed beds, the saline ponds and marshes provide a habitat for almost 300 species of bird. It is possible to see many of these on the bird-watching excursions which regularly take place.

There is impressive scenery to explore in six nature reserves - the Neusiedler See-Leithagebirge, Rosalia-Kogelberg, Landseer Berge, Geschriebenstein-Írottkö, Weinidylle and the Raab-Örség-Goricko reserve, which takes in three countries. Burgenland’s countryside and nature, plus the 300 hours of sunshine bestowed by the mild Pannonian climate, create an oasis in which to recover from the hurly-burly of urban life.

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