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Out in nature in Burgenland

Excursions in sun-drenched natural surroundings

Nature has it good in Burgenland, enjoying the 2,000 hours of sunshine that the weather spoils us with here.

These conditions not only make it pleasant for visitors, they also ensure unique natural landscapes, such as the cross-border Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. In addition to the steppe lake with a reed belt that is up to 5 km wide, nature lovers can look forward to six nature parks, 16 Natura-2000 areas, and a biodiversity that is unique in Europe. 

You can experience all this up close: On canoe excursions through the reeds, on nature photography courses, Seewinkel safaris and llama treks, or when cycling or hiking. Unforgettable experiences in nature await you on the sunny side of Austria.

If you don’t want to explore Pannonian nature on your own, expert assistance is available everywhere. Seasonal guided tours are offered throughout the year, promising exceptional experiences and exciting observations. Such as the Pannonian Bird Experience, where birdwatchers can observe up to 350 bird species up close.

Numerous experiences await you in the nature parks too: From adventures on the Baumwipfelweg (treetop path) to star gazing, with particularly low levels of residual light. So even if the sun isn’t shining in Burgenland, there is a lot to discover in nature. When are you treating yourself to one of the many experiences in the national park and nature parks?

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