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Land of palaces, castles and museums

The palaces and castles of Burgenland are well worth a trip. They are among the most important landmarks in the region. But there is so much more to discover: Exhibitions and galleries offer insights into all forms of art, from classical to contemporary and modern. Or discover Burgenland and its history at one of the museums: The private life and work of Joseph Haydn is presented more comprehensively at Haydn-Haus, Eisenstadt, than anywhere else. And Franz Liszt’s birthplace in Raiding has been a museum since 1951.

  • Follow in the footsteps of nobility

    Castle and palaces

    Up and down the country, historic buildings take you back in time, offering a varied program of events and tours as well as wonderful panoramic views and vistas of the idyllic surroundings.

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  • Not just for the religious

    Churches and monasteries in Burgenland

    Whether Protestant or Catholic: Christianity has produced a variety of historical churches and monasteries in Burgenland – regardless of denomination.

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  • Exciting discoveries

    Burgenland Museum World

    Whether outdoors, in private collections, or castles and palaces, whether at public memorials or contemporary galleries: Visits to museums in Burgenland are always guaranteed to be exciting.

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  • Exceptional sights

    There are plenty of surprises in Burgenland, both big and small

    Besides well-known tourist highlights such as the Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park or the Roman quarry in St. Margarethen, Burgenland is full of extraordinary sights that you would never have expected to come across or had long forgotten.

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  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Lake Neusiedl

    An incredible sun-kissed natural landscape

    Straddling the border, Lake Neusiedl and its cultural landscape have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2001.

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