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Wine makers and Vinotheques

Discover winegrowers and vinotheques

Whether award-winning or an inside tip: Wine lovers are delighted

The conditions could not be better: The mild Pannonian climate, excellent soils, and traditional grape varieties. This allows passionate and highly experienced winegrowers to create outstanding wines of international renown. 

    Get to know the vintners

    An experience not only for wine connoisseurs: The origin of wine

    If you want to find out what makes Burgenland wine so special, it’s best to start with the people. 

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    Vinotheque shopping experience

    Specialty wine stores with an excellent range

    Wine lovers get their money’s worth in the truest sense of the word.

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    The wine of tomorrow

    The origin of Austrian wine is the future

    It only takes a quick look at the past to recognize Burgenland as the cradle of Austrian wine. Even the ancient Romans were involved in viticulture here.

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