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Wine-growing regions

The wine of tomorrow

The origin of Austrian wine is the future

It only takes a quick look at the past to recognize Burgenland as the cradle of Austrian wine. Even the ancient Romans were involved in viticulture here.

Cultivation, production, and perfection over centuries has made international excellence possible today and, in many respects, sets the standard for Austria as a wine country. Burgenland is considered the top red wine region par excellence.

The competition is hotting up among hundreds of highly motivated winegrowers, a whole new generation of vintners and cellar masters are vying for top spot in terms of quality. Wine lovers and visitors to Burgenland are the beneficiaries of this competitive market.

Three region-specific areas really stand out in northern Burgenland. The Neusiedlersee DAC area stands for the Zweigelt red grape variety in all its diversity. The region-typical Leithaberg DAC wine style is based on the geological characteristics of the Leitha Mountains and is distinctive for the minerality of the whites and reds. The combination of fertile brown soil on the loess subsoil of the Rosalia predestines it for the cultivation of Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt varieties.

The Rosalia DAC association unites winemakers from the youngest wine-growing region in Burgenland with the aim of producing and marketing top-quality drops. Mid Burgendland is Blaufränkisch country: Mittelburgenland DAC combines traditional, regionally typical Blaufränkisch wines with a complex bouquet in top quality.

The regionally typical wine of the South Burgenland is Eisenberg DAC and stands for the typical, fruity and mineral-spicy Blaufränkisch variety, which the loamy, mineral-rich soils enable. Elegant white wines can also be found here. Another regional specialty that should not be missed is the traditional Uhudler.

In the wine-growing regions of Burgenland, unbelievably diverse facets and very special types of wine that do not exist anywhere else in the world thrive. A visit to the Burgenland wine country promises something extraordinary, as it quickly becomes a wine journey through time from the ancient classics to the wines of the future.

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