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Regional specialties

As unmistakable as the landscape

Tasty delicacies and specialties from Burgenland

The special delicacies that await gourmets and sybarites in Burgenland are as unique as the landscape. Diverse regions of enjoyment the length and breadth of the region make it a true culinary dream land. 

Filled not only with sunshine, but with the love, care and attention of everyone striving for the wellbeing of their guests. The regional producers in Burgenland practice agricultural diversity and sustainability while focusing on their specialties and so set the table with a sumptuous feast for you. You can taste the positive vibes in every bite.

The restaurants range from excellent award-winning establishments to cozy family businesses and rustic wine taverns – all of them serving up a good portion of sunshine. The diverse culinary regions produce real treasures for you to try ready made or unprocessed directly from the farm.

Take a culinary journey of discovery through Burgenland and enjoy!