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Regional specialties

As unique as the landscape

Tasty Burgenland delicacies and specialties

The special delicacies that await gourmets and foodies in Burgenland are as unique as the landscape. Regions from north to south have a wide range of specialties that make the state a culinary dream. 

Made not only with sunshine, but with the love, care, and attention of people who consider the wellbeing of their guests to be their number one priority. The local producers in Burgenland firmly believe in agricultural diversity and sustainability with a focus on high-quality specialties and putting delicious food on your table. You can taste the positive vibes in every bite.

Restaurants range from excellent award-winning establishments to cozy family businesses and rustic wine taverns – each serving up a good portion of sunshine. The regions of Burgenland conjure up some real gems for you to try - ready-made local specialties or unprocessed directly from the farm. 

Enjoy a culinary journey of discovery through Burgenland!