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Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Erlebnisparadies Südburgenland

Inspiring insights and adventures

A whole host of businesses, accommodation, and excursion destinations in Southern Burgenland put their heart and soul into personally inviting you on a very special journey of discovery.

It’s not only the landscape and the climate that are particularly valuable here, but also the hard work and creativity of a multitude of people who share a single goal: Offering heavenly experiences in many different ways. Cuisine and wine, restaurants and hotels, wellness, sport and culture: There is so much to discover in Erlebnisparadies Südburgenland. 

The best way to understand and taste the quality of local food is to directly visit the producers. Take part in exciting tours that make the visit fun for everyone. Unique stores invite you to shop in paradise for regional specialties so that you can take a little bit of Southern Burgenland love home with you. The Paradiestage take place every year on the 3rd weekend in May, businesses open their doors for guests to experience the entire range of products from this diverse region. 

The hotels and restaurants are also fully committed to the idea of paradise, and you can taste it. They serve a wide range of local products, garnished with a large portion of hospitality.

You will be warmly welcomed with a “Griaß eng!” (“Hello!”) wherever you see the sign with the four-leaf clover that represents Erlebnisparadies Südburgenland.

When are you going to experience paradise and enjoy everything that Southern Burgenland has to offer?

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