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Farm holidays

Holiday on the farm

Feel the strength of Burgenland in the midst of country life

When the sun comes up, the farm also comes to life and you can be right in the middle of it, if you want to. 

In the morning when feeding the animals or harvesting the succulent herbs in the farmer’s garden, atop a tractor, in the stable or in the barn. Directly experience the original, natural life of the place and the advantages that it brings: Sitting on a bench in front of the farm, holding a glass of really fresh milk packing the power of over 300 days of sunshine.

The farmer knows only too well that there is always something exciting to do on a farm in Burgenland, but also plenty of wonderful places to do nothing at all. Nowhere else can you feel life in Burgenland more keenly than on one of the many different farms and there is an astonishingly wide range of them.

The inspiring winegrowers’ farms offer interesting wine cellar tours and educational strolls through the vineyards and are happy to let you taste the products. Private farms serve an energizing cyclist’s breakfast, making every stage of the route a pleasure. If you want to enjoy your vacation on a farm, you are in good hands in Burgenland, because you will have a healthy dose of sunshine as well as countryside.

When are you going to experience country life in Burgenland?

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