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Central Burgenland

Sunny Central Burgenland

A sun-kissed wine region

The region is appropriately called the “Sonnenland”. The sun not only comes out earlier and more often here, it also stays much longer than anywhere else. A gently undulating area with idyllic orchards and vineyards, and vast deciduous forests and fields.

The region has long been popular with culture lovers: Franz Liszt was born in Raiding. A museum, concert hall and festival honor him and his work.

Other excursion destinations in the region include Lockenhaus Castle, Lackenbach Palace, Kobersdorf Castle, and the Landsee Castle Ruins, once the largest fortification in Central Europe.

If you’re after some physical activity, you’ll never get bored in Central Burgenland. Draisine rides along the romantic railroad through Blaufränkischland, golf, climbing at the ropes course, or cycling on the well-developed cycle trails. There is plenty of sunshine for everyone here.

At Europe’s leading thermal bath for babies and toddlers, the Sonnentherme in Lutzmannsburg, families can enjoy facilities that are fully tailored to the needs of bathers young and old. All bases are covered here, from baby changing tables, dining areas, and a baby and children’s sauna to adventure slides with the latest technology, including a virtual reality experience.

Central Burgenland and wine go hand in hand. The long tradition of the Blaufränkisch grape variety has also given the wine region its name “Blaufränkischland Central Burgenland”. The popular red wines are cultivated with love and care in over 2,000 hectares of vineyards. The winegrowing hotspots are Deutschkreutz, Horitschon, Neckenmarkt, Lutzmannsburg, and Raiding. Wine is not only tasted at the wine shops and wineries, but also celebrated at wine events from May to November. Pure enjoyment! 

Discover the sunny center of Burgenland!

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