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Thermal baths

Immerse yourself in a relaxing landscape full of variety

Burgenland’s thermal landscape – with added sunshine

Nature not only gives Burgenland thousands of hours of sunshine a year, but its thermal springs provide the backdrop for the most wonderful moments of relaxation imaginable.

The destination has a diverse range of activities on offer. There is something for everyone. Couples and single guests who are looking for peace and quiet are all in good hands, as are families and sauna lovers. The thermal baths in Burgenland offer a wealth of tailor-made services. Whether it’s health, fitness, and sporting activities, or if you’re looking to unwind, have some fun, and be pampered: There’s nowhere more relaxing than here.

The great thing about it: The thermal springs of Burgenland are the ideal place for the perfect break in any season. When are you going to treat yourself to some blissful relaxation?

  • Außenaufnahme
    Rudy Dellinger
    Summer Island
    Rudy Dellinger
    Leander Khil
    St. Martins Therme & Lodge
    St. Martins/Dragan Dok

    "St. Martins" Spa

    Near Frauenkirchen in North Burgenland’s Seewinkel region, right on the edge of the national park, is a real paradise for people who are looking for relaxation and still want to indulge in the higher pleasures.
    On a total area of 57 acres, the unique resort offers a thermal and sauna area in an almost 2,000 m2 water area, a hotel with 150 rooms and 28 suites as well as a 20-acre bathing lake with…

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  • Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg
    Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau GmbH
    Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau GmbH
    Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau GmbH
    Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau GmbH
    Virtual Reality Schnorcheln
    Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau GmbH
    XXL Monster Ride
    Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau GmbH

    Thermal bath Lutzmannsburg

    Where the little ones are VIPs

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  • Blick auf das Thermalbad
    Reiters Resort Stegersbach | Jenni Koller
    Therme Stegersbach
    Reiters Resort Stegersbach | Jenni Koller
    Reiters Resort Stegersbach | Jenni Koller
    Spaß für die ganze Familie
    Reiters Resort Stegersbach | Jenni Koller
    Tauche in die Welt von Badolin ein
    Reiters Resort Stegersbach | Jenni Koller

    Allegria thermal Stegersbach

    The thermal spa offers year-round water fun and unlimited bathing fun in over 14 different pools and temperatures between 26-35°C. Boredom is a thing of the past during your spa vacation in Burgenland. Discover all the possibilities for swimming, sliding and splashing around. The Stegersbach healing water from the thermal spring has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin and body.

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  • 24Wohlfühlsaunen©AVITA Resort
    Day Spa Loungen - Zeit zu Zweit
    Poolbar in der AVITA Therme
    Massagebecken_©AVITA Resort
    Lady's Spa

    AVITA Therme Bad Tatzmannsdorf

    The AVITA Therme is a feel-good jewel where you will encounter romance, sensuality and harmony on all levels.

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  • Heiltherme Bad Sauerbrunn
    Heiltherme Bad Sauerbrunn
    Heiltherme Bad Sauerbrunn innen
    Heiltherme Bad Sauerbrunn

    Kur- und Heiltherme Bad Sauerbrunn

    The healing water spring of Bad Sauerbrunn and its effects have been known for a very long time.

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  • Loipersdorf Thermal Spa

    The Loipersdorf thermal spa offers fun activities for mind, body and feelings. Adventure pools and Schaffelbads offer a variety benefits that ideally meet the respective personal need for relaxation and / or action. 

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