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Pannonian living

Living in Pannonian style

Typical Burgenland accommodation let the sun shine

A dream vacation in Burgenland begins with very special lodgings, a typical feature of the region. 

Living Pannonian style means simple but dignified and aesthetically pleasing accommodation, but above all a warm atmosphere. Lovingly restored wine cellars, modern country estates and noble vineyards offer comfort far from the well-known hotels.

From original architecture with old vaulted ceilings and winding courtyards to modern designs that blend harmoniously with the historical surroundings. Pannonian living does not only mean rustic castles and old wine cellars. Above all, it is an attitude to life that allows guests to concentrate on the essentials: Enjoying the landscape, nature, wine and fine dining as it was originally meant to be.

How would you like to live in Pannonian style?

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