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Producers and direct sales

Whet your appetite!

Fill your Tascherl!*

“Hereinspaziert!” meaning “Come on in!” is the motto of many Burgenland producers who warmly welcome you throughout the state. 

Here, direct sales mean literally experiencing products up close. See where and how these wonderful, valuable foodstuffs are made. Whether sweet or savory, there’s so much to choose from. Fine wines, hearty sausage and meat specialties, homemade spreads, and pickled vegetables await you. Taste your way through a wealth of preserves, marinades, vinegars, oils, jams, marmalades, and the finest chocolate.

Burgenland is a paradise for those who appreciate quality and tradition. Whether you want to enjoy yourself or are looking for wonderful souvenirs: The best and most fun way to buy is direct from the source. And who knows Burgenland better than the locals? In addition to a whole host of delicacies, you’re guaranteed to pick up a few great ideas for day trips.

Many businesses, especially in Northern Burgenland, sell delicacies in front of their houses during harvest time – simply help yourself and leave the correct amount in an honesty box. 

*As you probably know, the Austrian word for bag is Tascherl or Sackerl. For environmental reasons, they tend to be made of fabric or paper in Burgenland. But you can also use a “Körberl” (shopping basket) or “Kisterl” (cardboard or wooden box).

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