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The Central Burgenland Wine Region

Central Burgenland Wine Region

Blaufränkischland – one of the centers of Austrian red wine

In Deutschkreutz, Horitschon, Lutzmannsburg, Neckenmarkt and Raiding, deep and well-watered soils, from which old coral banks protrude from Leitha limestone, form the ideal soil for the Blaufränkisch grape variety.

Each year, winegrowers open their cellar doors to guests from Austria and abroad, sending them on a culinary journey of discovery through the wine region. Tastings, guided tours through wine cellars, and themed wine hikes provide unique insights. A series of wine events starts in May and continues right into fall. 

And on the subject of vineyards and cellars - the vineyards in Central Burgenland are not only popular with wine lovers but also with leisure cyclists who appreciate the gentle hills of the region. The best combination in Central Burgenland is probably a leisurely cycling vacation with tastings at kitchens and cellars.

Mittelburgenland DAC

It is no surprise that the entire region has earned the name Blaufränkischland, after all 55% of the vineyards are now covered with this leading variety 

A traditional, regionally distinct Blaufränkisch with an intense, dark ruby-red color is marketed under the name Mittelburgenland DAC. The complex bouquet combines aromas of blackberries, dark cherries, and blueberries with spicy notes reminiscent of herbs and mint.

The old vineyards and their traditions provide a stable basis: Today, highly skilled winegrowers efficiently produce high-quality red wines with plenty of character in modern cellars. The cuvées are composed of Zweigelt, St. Laurent, and Merlot, with a regional focus on drawing out the Blaufränkisch character.

Cellar tours include tastings and are popular all year round. Take a trip to the individual winegrowers or local vinotheques to form your own impression of the Central Burgenland Blaufränkischland. 

Rosalia DAC

Austria’s youngest DAC wine region, the Rosalia region of Burgenland, is self-confident and authentic. The regionally typical wines of the Rosalia DAC and Rosalia DAC Reserve include the red wines Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt, as well as rosé wines that are unique to Austria and now known as Rosalia DAC Rosé. Wines with the additional designation “Reserve” and rosé wines are also allowed to be designated as “Ried”. With around 300 hectares of vineyards, the Rosalia region does not impress with its size, but with a unique character that produces distinctive wines. Red wines with the designation DAC Rosalia are extremely powerful and full-bodied with a delicate berry aroma.

The rosé wine is spicy and fresh with a delightfully stimulating and lively fruitiness.

Rosalia is not only for wine connoisseurs, nature lovers and foodies also get their money’s worth: Vast unadulterated landscapes, some of which are part of the Rosalia-Kogelberg Nature Park, rare varieties of fruit, strawberries, and sweet chestnuts are the makings of a great vacation.